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CD Hatefulmurder - Red Eyes - HFCD0001


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CD Hatefulmurder - Red Eyes - HFCD0001 

Red Eyes

Secret Service Records
1 Silence Will Fall
2 Red Eyes
3 Tear Down
4 Riot
5 The Meaning of Evil
6 Time Enough at Last
7 My Battle
8 Your’re Being Watched
9 Creature of Sorrow
Produced, mixed and mastered by João Milliet at Cada Instante Produções
Cover artwork by Orge Kalodimas. Design and artwork by Felipe Eregion.
Recorded at Estúdio Casa do Mato and Kolera Studio. 
Recorded by Celo Oliveira, Felipe Eregion and Rafael Sentoma.
Guest vocals at "Time Enough at Last" by Mayara Puertas (Torture Squad).


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